Our Philosophy

Better Advertising Reasearch Through Knowledge

They think you are stupid

Honestly I can't tell you the number of times I was told to make a presentation "client friendly". I hate to break this to you but that is provider speak for: "Our Clients are too stupid to understand our complicated methods and measures."

But you know what? You aren't stupid. And you don't need things sugar coated. And the reason they try to dumb it down is because they

a) don't respect you; and
b) are worried you will ask smart questions.

Smart questions they can't answer.

But we are here to teach you the smart questions. It is my goal in life to make Advertising Research companies sweat. Because they should sweat. They have been selling you last year's, no last decade's, news and are taking you to the cleaners. Let's change the culture, let's change the status quo. Let's get you the results you are paying for. A little education can go a really long way.